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Geno Yauchler riding worlds tallest hydrofoil

Chain of Records

A little history . . .

Records were made to be broken. That's why we created this historic event back in 2015. Chain of Records has brought together water skiers from across the nation and around the globe with the ambitious goal of setting – or breaking – as many national, world, and Guinness water ski records as possible. It all started on the Lakes of Polk County Florida, March 31-April 5th, 2015. The 2015 event saw more than 175 water skiers, representing 15 states and 7 countries. They came to Central Florida to participate in the first Chain of Records event, and left national and world record holders. Memories and accomplishments were made that will be cherished for generations.


2017 went bigger and better! Nearly 300 participants from across the United States and 8 countries descended on central Florida to break 25+ national and world records. The event lasted 5 days with a crazy schedule of record attempts. Multiple lakes and ski sites were utilized all culminating in a traditional southern BBQ on the final afternoon of the event.


Chain of Records was a great success in 2021! After nearly 18 months of planning, October 20-24, 2021 in Winter Haven, FL was a great time. 13 national records and 9 Guinness world records were set. A Saturday night social for all participants along with barefooters from Blairfoot, capped off the event. 

The future of Chain of Records ? ? ?

Chain of Records Committee

Jason Hook

Boat Captain

Grace Petzold

Event Captain

Nick Vickers

Event Captain
Shoe Skis

Kurtis McMillan

Safety Official

Wendy Petzold

Event Captain
Adaptive and Tumble Turns

Kylie Wallace

Event Captain

Shauna Pasanen

Ballet and Swivel Captain

Brad Satterlee

Event Captain
Jump and Bomb Outs

Angela Yauchler

Ballet and Swivel Captain

Geno Yauchler

Hydrofoil and Jump Captain

Brad Belcher

Event Captain
Conventional Doubles and

Tumble Turns

Alison Goin

Event Captain


Eric Gran

Strap Doubles Captain

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