Registration for event volunteers is now open. Just click the link below to learn more about what volunteers are needed and to fill out the registration form. We encourage you to volunteer. It takes a small army to pull off an event such as this!

Click here for Volunteer Registration


  • Before registering, please read the registration forms carefully and completely. They detail out the skier requirements, who to contact with questions (record captains), fees and other details for each record.

  • To help with records management, there are multiple registration forms this year. That means for those of you skiing multiple records, you might need to fill out more than one form.

Skier / participant registration works like this . . .

  1. Click on the link for the type of record you want to register for.

  2. Carefully read through the information on the registration page and completely fill out the registration form.

  3. The event is open to all skiers that are able to ski in world record style attempts and are current members of USA-Waterski at the time of the event in October.

  4. Record attempt rosters will be done on a first come, first served basis. All skiers that register will be vetted if the COR Committee isn't personally aware of your skill set. You will be asked on the registration form to provide references.

  5. Once you have been vetted your name will be placed on a roster for the record attempt. Your record captain will reach out to you and communicate that you have been rostered and are expected to be at the event.

  6. Registration fees will not be collected until a later date. This is to give ample time to make sure pandemic restrictions are easing and we will be able to hold the event. All skiers will have at least 2 months, until September 1 to pay any registration fees. Anyone that has not paid their registration fee by Sept 1 will forfeit the spot on the roster and an alternate will be moved into that position. Registration fees will be collected electronically via either PayPal or Venmo.

  • Ballet & Swivel Registration
    Registration for ballet & swivel is closed! Thank you for the
    overwhelming response! Can't wait to see you in Florida!

  • Doubles / Trios / Conventionals Registration
    Registration for doubles/trios/conventionals is closed! Thank you for the
    overwhelming response! Can't wait to see you in Florida!